Improve Your Professional Image

Just like your company has a reputation in your community, you have a reputation in your workplace. Our reputation can affect the jobs we are offered and the projects we are given, so improving our professional image can be a good investment of time.

Consider this advice on improving workplace reputation from

·       Do what you say you’ll do.
People who keep their word are generally thought of as reliable and dependable.

·       Go out of your way to help others reach their goals.
Look for ways to help not only your superior but your coworkers.

·       Make other people look good.
Become great at giving other people credit when they give you referrals, help you with projects or give you great references for a job.

·       Go a step beyond what is expected.
Did you say you’d follow up in 24 hours? Follow up in 12. If you had a great meeting, send a hand-written thank you note. These small gestures go a long way and will make you stand out.